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Property Development

No matter the size or scale of your project, Nav Accountants will apply our specialist understanding of property, building and the development process to ensure your long-term financial goals are achieved.

Wealth creation through property can entail a range of activities including subdivisions, property flipping and niche high cashflow strategies such as Housing Multiple occupants (HMO). For many Australians, property can be a lucrative pathway to wealth creation - but the caveat is that it needs to be done well, and correctly.

With significant property experience including tenures as CFO and General Manager for one of Australia’s largest home builders, Nav Accountants’ Director Nitin Vashisht has the capability to manage all aspects of your project’s financial requirements, while providing insightful advice on what to expect throughout the development process.

Our end to end property development advisory services include:

  • Recommendations on the best ownership structure for your project that will protect your assets from risk.
  • Overseeing all financials for property development joint ventures and syndicates.
  • Determining if GST will apply to your project. GST can significantly reduce your profits and must be planned for even before an offer is made.
  • Helping you navigate GST traps associated with property development and subdivisions.
  • Providing advice on using the margin scheme for GST. This can reduce your GST to 7%, instead of the usual 10%.
  • Implementing tax saving strategies to boost your post-tax ROI.
  • Tax planning and tax returns.
  • Real Estate CPA.

The process of property development is highly complex and not without enormous tax risk. Too often, developers fail to consider their very many tax and financial obligations when undertaking their due diligence including GST, income tax, and asset protection. Unless the right accounting partner is engaged, profits can be significantly reduced and personal assets are at risk.

Ensuring a successful project starts at the very beginning. Be guided by the best advice - talk to Nav Accountants today and discover how our experience can support you throughout your property development journey.

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Over 10 years’ building and property development experience, mentoring and assisting hundreds of property developers to structure their ventures .

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