Top Five Threats That Can Destroy Your Family Wealth
The ATO has recently announced a major crackdown on some aggressive trust distribution practices. As a result, many widely used trust distribution strategies can now be deemed tax avoidance, with ATO invoking a 40-year-old Sec 100A.
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Holiday homes are a popular investment with many Australians. They can provide a steady and positive cash flow with negative gearing benefits.
How to Save Tax on Cryptocurrency in Australia
Cryptocurrencies have been available for some years, but they have recently received much attention from the ATO with a significant increase in their prices.
How to pay zero tax on subdividing your Main Residence
Your family home is usually exempt from capital gains tax due to the principal residence exemption. However, when you sub-divide your family home, it can be a costly mistake to assume that any profit you make from selling the subdivided blocks will also be tax-free.
How To Pay Zero Tax On Sale Of Overseas Home
Have you migrated to Australia from countries like India, South Africa, UK and still own your overseas home? If that’s you or someone you know, then read on as it may save thousands in tax.