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Tax Planning

Tax planning is a key element to wealth creation and can help reduce the liability of the taxpayer (or group of taxpayers) to income and other taxes.


Also known as tax-effective investing, tax planning is common practice, and all taxpayers are entitled to arrange their financial affairs through planning - as long as the boundaries of the law are adhered to.

Just imagine what you could do with when you have an effective tax plan in place!

  • Reduce your home loan.
  • Save for a holiday - when we can travel again!
  • Top up your superannuation.
  • Save up for a deposit for an investment property.
  • Pay for your children’s education.
  • Upgrade your car.

The dedicated specialist team at Nav Accountants is expert at providing effective tax planning services, applying our extensive business experience and deep understanding of ATO guidelines to ensure all tax minimisation options are explored.

Our tax planning services include:

  • Individualised tax ‘health check’ and tailored recommendations.
  • Implementing tax saving strategies for any investments.
  • Providing forecasts on tax payment obligations.
  • Income consolidation.
  • Managing tax payments in advance.
  • Following up on tax refunds on your behalf.
  • Tax advisors & consulting.
  • Corporate tax advisors.

The team at Nav Accountants welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how our tax planning strategies can benefit your financial position. We also have the capability to handle tax returns of all types, from personal tax lodgments through to more complex returns for companies. Visit our Tax Returns page to learn more about these services or contact us to start the conversation today.

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Grow your wealth through effective tax planning strategies.

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